These are the default key bindings for a standard QWERTY Keyboard layout.

Action Default Key Binding
Hotkey List F9
Menu Map Esc
Auto Attack Toggle E
Manual Attack L Shift
Select Primary Target Mouse 0
Switch Weapon Q
Switch Fire Mode C
Camera Up W
Camera Down S
Camera Left A
Camera Right D
Lock Camera N
Move Mouse 1
Flare F
Sprint Y
Drop Ammo X
Detonate G
Skillslot 1 1
Skillslot 2 2
Skillslot 3 3
Skillslot 4 4
Skillslot 5 5
Skillslot 6 6
Skillslot 7 7
Item Shotcut L Ctrl
Item 1 Q
Item 2 W
Item 3 E
Item 4 A
Item 5 S
Item 6 D
Move Command F1
Follow Me F2
Hold Position F3
Item Info U
Player Info I
Monster Info O
Explosive 1 F5
Explosive 2 F6
Explosive 3 F7
Explosive 4 F8
Object Description L Ctrl
Assign Follower L Ctrl

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