Hey there, contributors, users and viewers.

As you can probably see the wikia is currently light on information, hopefully over the coming weeks (and with more contributors) the wiki will cover a lot more of The Red Solstice. I would like to thank people who have already contributed, your contributions are really appreciated.

So onto what is happening:

As you may see, a new Wiki word-mark is in use now which replace the old terrible looking text that was there. I am no graphics designer so it may not be the best, but it's better then what was there before.

The main page will be receiving an overhaul once a theme is decided, along with categorisations of its templates and possibly moving the pages to Portal/ instead. If you wish to share your opinion on this check out the Main Page Discussion thread.

In-case you wish to contribute but are holding back due to not knowing what to contribute to, a community project will be posted next week to fill one section of the wiki, so stay tuned for that! Which section do you think it should be? Reply to this blog with suggestions.

Well that's all, I wanted to say.

Remember be bold in your edits, you can't break the wiki, and some information is better then none at all!

- Lone Sentinel